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Camps & Public Programs for Families & Children

Toronto Zoo Camp
This Summer, Go WILD!
Join us for the "WILDEST" time in Toronto.
This summer connect with nature at Zoo Camp, a unique opportunity to explore wildlife from around the world. A variety of themes are offered unique to the Zoo setting including baby animals, careers, adaptations, and more! Adventures include indoor/outdoor activities, behind-the-scenes opportunities, games, crafts, and safe, rewarding FUN!..
Welcome to your 2014 Serengeti Bush Camp Overnight Experience
The sun sets over the African Savanna. The buzz of crickets is briefly dulled by the roar of distant lions. We stroll along the trails, ever watching for a glimpse of the diverse wildlife. The stars appear and light our way as we brave the Serengeti night and return to camp. The flames of the campfire dance as stories of the day's adventure are told...
Critter Cruisers
(Ages 2-4 with parent)
Select dates from April to May
The Great Stroller Safari
The Toronto Zoo is a wonderful place to get some exercise. We have several kilometres of walking paths that take you to all of the exciting exhibits. Now is your chance to walk the paths in a fun and exhilarating way. Together you will embark on this active program and stroll the Zoo, walking in the hoof prints of the great migrating beasts of the African Savannah or maybe the paw prints of a prowling predator...
Critter Crew
(Ages 4 & 5)
Saturday April 5 AND Saturday April 12
Amazing Animal Senses
Can you hear as well as a rhino? What does the world look like through a bug's eyes? Which animal has the best smell? Discover how animals see, hear, smell, touch, and taste their way through nature. Find out how different animal senses compare to your own and learn why senses are so important for learning about the world around us. Program includes a tour around the Zoo, activities, and an up close and personal encounter with one of our many animals! ..
Zoo Crew
(Ages 6 - 10)
Saturday April 5 AND Saturday April 12
Defence! Defence!
Life for a wild animal is not as easy as it may sound. It is a constant struggle day-to-day trying to find a comfortable place that's not too hot or too cold, finding shelter, space, enough food and water, and most of all avoiding being eaten. In order to survive all animals have developed special adaptations or behaviour patterns for protection from their enemies...
(Ages 11 - 14)
Saturday Saturday February 22, Saturday March 22 and Saturday April 26
Careers in Wildlife
5000 animals! Who takes care of them all? The veterinarians and animal keepers of course! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take care of a 20,000 litre aquarium? Or a two metre long alligator? Here's your chance. Come spend a day at the Zoo and discover how we take care of all of our animals. Program includes a behind-the-scenes encounter with an animal, activities, and tours...
Youth Badge Programs

Calling all Guides, Brownies, Sparks, Scouts, Cubs and leaders!!

Learn more about fascinating wildlife through programs specifically designed to cover various badge requirements...
Panda Pyjama Party
(Overnight Program)
Select dates from February to May
6:30pm to 9:00pm
Pandas sleep for eight hours a day, and humans do too! Come spend a night at the Zoo to visit animals before they go to sleep for the night and give a special morning greeting to the pandas when they wake up. This program includes a guided tour including a visit to the pandas, a bedtime snack, and fun activities...

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